PGA Teaching Lab

PGA Golf Management Phantom Camera

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Foam Golf Ball at 4100FPS
Golf ball skidding on putt
Bill Haas filmed on our camera at 2200 frames per second
Rory McIlroy filmed at PGA Championship
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The centerpiece of our technology is our Phantom High-Speed Camera. This camera is capable of recording in HD Wide Screen format up to 2200 frames per second. The video above was recorded at a mere 800 frames per second. The camera has the capability of recording up to a staggering 300,000 frames per second!

Students will utilize JCVideo software to analyze golf swings recorded with this technology.

Flight Scope Screen Shot

In order to get the "other half" of the story behind exactly what happens to a golf ball during the golf shot we pair the JC Video and Phantom High-Speed camera technologies with a Flight Scope Launch Monitor. This tool shows the student everything that is happening to the golf ball and golf club before, during, and after that critical moment of truth...Impact.

To date we are not only the only PGA Golf Management program, but the only facility in the country with this exact combination of technologies.