PGA of America Requirements/Curriculum

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"One of the great features of this program is that it allows students to become fully eligible for Class 'A' PGA Membership upon graduation."

Three areas within this process include:

  • Participating in a Player Development Program
  • Passing a Playing Ability Test (PAT)
  • Completion of all required PGA coursework (outlined below)

Player Development Program and the PAT

The player development program at the University of Nebraska is one that sets us apart from the rest.

Students are afforded the opportunity to participate in as many as 15-20 tournaments per semester. These tournaments are held at a variety of courses in Lincoln and surrounding areas. There are opportunities to play in regional and national tournaments as well.

Students will be able to take lessons/receive club fitting sessions with top PGA Teaching Professionals:

These lessons and club fittings will not only help students with their own games, but give them an inside view of how some of the best instructors of the game do what they do.

The Playing Ability Test

The player development program is targeted at helping students improve their games and learn a little about the golf business at the same time. A more short-term goal of this program is to help students to pass the Playing Ability Test. This PGA administered test consists of playing in a one-day, 36-hole golf tournament. The purpose of this is to verify that a prospective member of the PGA of America can play a credible game of golf.

The PGA Curriculum

There are essentially 4 Levels of coursework to be completed in the PGA side of this major. Beyond the Qualifying Level, each level contains 3 industry aspects: The people, game, and business of golf. These 4 Levels comprise the core of the material taught by the PGA Golf Management Staff in the PGAM Classes.

The Qualifying Level

This Level serves as an introduction to the program and also covers The History, Constitution of the PGA and the Rules of Golf. The first half of the first semester on campus is spent covering this material.

Level 1 Topics

  • Business Planning
  • Tournament Operations
  • Customer Relations
  • Golf Car Fleet Management
  • Introduction to Teaching and Golf Club Performance

Level 1 takes the student through Fall semester of their Sophomore Year.

Level 2 Topics

  • Golf Operations
  • Turfgrass Management
  • Merchandising and Inventory Management
  • Intermediate Teaching and Golf Club Alterations

Level 2 takes the student through Fall semester of their Junior Year.

Level 3 Topics

  • Human Resources/Supervising and Delegating
  • Food and Beverage Control
  • Career Enhancement
  • Player Development Programs/Teaching as a Business
  • Advanced Teaching and Golf Club Fitting
  • Final Experience

Students will typically finish Level 3 in the Spring of their Senior Year.