On Campus

 PGA Golf Management Student Room- Located next to the program offices. A gathering space for students in the PGA Golf Management Program. Featuring our Trophy Cabinent, Library of Materials, Multimedia screens, printers for student use.



Student Room

PGA Golf Management Teaching Lab- Located directly downstairs from the program offices. The teaching lab is home to an impressive collection of technologies including the Phantom Camera, JC Video, TrackMan 4, Foresight GCQuad, Flightscope X2, Boditrak, MySwing Professional, K-Vest and more!

PGA Golf Managment Simulation Lab- Located adjacent to the Teaching Lab in Keim Hall. The simulation lab features two Full Swing simulators with 58 golf courses on each. The simulator on the right also features advanced video capture technology and a secondary computer system that can be used to run all of our high end technologies in a "classroom" setting.